Guardians of the Ice is a multidisciplinary art project that wants to ignite hearts and minds.
Art Direction
Brand Identity
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Guardians of the Ice is wants to raise awareness of the melting glaciers of the Columbia Icefield in Canada.
The Icefield — located on the Continental Divide — is a leading indicator of the accelerating effects of climate change. By marrying art and science, they want to inspire dynamic environmental stewardship through educational programming in the Canadian Rockies and beyond.

j u x t a p o s i t i o n
The branding for this non-profit organization exudes strength and perseverance. The minimalist design approach is all about contrast, a way to ignite conversation and inspire change through a visual language that juxtaposes beautiful visuals against the ugly reality we are facing. 
k e y   w o r d s 
i n s p i r at i o n
Twelve of the highest mountains in the Canadian Rockies encircle the Icefield. Like guardians, they protect the Icefield and the six major glaciers it feeds.
Each line in the logo stands for one of the 12 guardian mountains, and together, these lines also represent crevasses within the glacier and the vertical motion of melting and evaporation.
The blue colour palette seeks to complement the natural translucence of virgin ice and rocky earth.
"Small steps lead to big change. Together, we build a more sustainable world."​​​​​​​
Jim Elzinga,
founder of Guardians of the Ice
c o l L A B
Guardians of the Ice is passionate about collaborating with local business and artist to create awareness and extend their reach.
As the design director for Guardians of the Ice, I've had the pleasure of working with Banded Peak Brewing to create a series of 12 limited edition beers, each representing one of the 12 guardians mountain that surround the Columbia Icefield. 
An ongoing relationship with Patagonia Elements provides us an opportunity to work with local artist to create merch (and in-store graphics) for the Patagonia retailer in Banff, Calgary and Victoria, who are supporting Guardians of the Ice as part of their 1% for the planet program.  
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