Hi there,
I am  an art director + brand designer with a love for minimalist design solutions that are beautiful and intentional.
Soap branded for Ivy & Ash Studio
Unique design solutions for unique ideas.
Do you have wild ideas? A business you are truly passionate about? Something that sets you apart from the rest? 
Design is my first langue and I want to use it to tell your story. My main mission; make your business stand out in a way that is uniquely you.

Hello, I am Lin
Lover of mountains
+ matcha lattes.
Mountain girl who loves the ocean... aspiring trail runner and cello player... a curious mind that never stops...oh, and of course, graphic designer that has a soft spot for your brands' story.
I combine my Dutch heritage and design influences with Canadian courtesy to create minimalist and meaningful brand experiences.

Image of Lin Oosterhoff by Rocky Mountain Photo Co.
F e a t u r e d   P r o j e c t s
snake icon designed for Silckerodt Photography
f e e l i n g   t H E   L O V E 
"Lin is the BOMB." 
"I came to Lin with a contradicting and complicated vision for business. Not only did she streamline my thoughts, she showed me what I wanted before I knew it myself, which was a pretty surreal experience as a client. 
She has an ability to cater to any style as she has done branding for businesses with very different aesthetics. She’s kind, patient and most importantly, funny. I recommend her to everyone!"

- Georgie Silckerodt of Silckerodt
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