Hi, my name is Lin and I am a graphic designer.  
The above statement covers me pretty well, but of course there is more to me than just that. I was born and raised in Holland and moved to Canada in 2009 to follow the love of my life. I decided that my Dutch diploma in graphic design and visual merchandising was not enough, and happily returned to school for graphic design in 2011. Now that I am graduated, I am  ready to take on the world.
 Graphic design is my passion, it is something that makes me happy, every day!  I believe in giving 100%. All the time. I believe in great design and that it's OK to question the rules in order to create something amazing! My favourite part of design is brand identity, packaging, and typography. I have strong skills in layout design, typography, photography and concept development. 
 Besides my passion for design, I love traveling and the outdoors. I find inspiration in the patterns of nature and spend as much time outdoors as I can. Running, cycling, climbing, hiking and swimming bring me great joy. When I am not designing, I am planning my next great adventure!
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