Looking stylish and professional should be super easy. 
Emma, the founder of SOPHIEGRACE, didn’t have that experience, so she set out to create a capsule collection that would be a deliberate, comfortable, and stylish “uniform” for all women.
The 12-piece collection is always boardroom-appropriate, easy to style with mix and match designs, simple to care for, and feels amazing on your body. 
All fabrics are custom dyed with the same Pantone colour, so each piece in the collection will match perfectly, now and forever.  
Putting together a monochromatic outfit is so easy, you can #slayyourday with confidence!


At SOPHIEGRACE, they focus on simplicity and elegance in all aspects of their design. 
Their branding needed to reflect that. I created an adaptable word-mark that can be used on a variety of outputs, from clothing tags to packaging. The colour palette was kept limit as to not take away from the garments, except for a hint of gold to enhance the feminine aspect of the brand and give you that feeling of luxury.
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