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I am honoured to have been part of the following publications.
2022 ULTRABOLD Awards Finalists
An overview of this years' finalists by the RGD
{PRO}file // Lin Oosterhoff
Written by Kymberley Hill for the Paper Road blog
Top 5 Dutch-Designed Brands
An article I wrote for the RGD blog to celebrate Dutch Heritage Month
Guardians of the Ice Beer Collection
Written by Emilija for Package Inspiration
A Nordic Inspired Intimate Winter Wedding Day 
A collaborative shoot with Paisley Photography featured on Wedding Chicks
Conestoga students learn to collaborate through film festival campaign and collateral project 
Educator Case study by Molly Hill featured on the RGD blog
Cougar Bait: Green Eyes on the Goat Creek Trail
Story by Kristy Davison for Highline Magazine, illustration by me
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