With a small team of creatives from Critical Mass, we created a variety of social campaigns and event coverage pieces. 

“Headlines" was conceived to answer the question: How do you celebrate a commemorative range of vehicles when we’d just spent our entire 30th anniversary year celebrating ourselves?
We determined that you don’t. Instead, you celebrate the drivers behind the wheel and the moments that make their headlines. 
Re-imaging the assets from a range-wide Edition30 shoot, we emulated the style and production of an upscale print publication for our digital platforms through animation. 
M O N T E R E Y  C A R  W E E K
Monterey Car Week is one of the most anticipated automotive events. Every year, car brands and auto enthusiast from around the world come to Monterey, California to show off the latest and greatest of what they have to offer.
Celebrating their 30th anniversary, INFINITI's pavilion looked back to their past, showcased their commemorative E30 range of vehicles, and gave viewers a glimpse into their electrified future. 
We worked with a small team from Critical Mass and influencers to capture this great event and INFINITI's journey down the Infinite Road.
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