b r a n d i n g  +  d i g i t a l

Canadian Cereals products are renowned around the world as premium quality products - however, many other countries can claim the same thing. Our challenge at Crtitical Mass was to help tell this story, shifting their brand definition and expression to reflect their heart and this commitment. Shifting their story from the crops they sell, to one that is focused on why and how they do it. A move designed to transform them from simply being a premium product, to declaring themselves as the new global standard, a standard that has higher standards.
The new branding for Canadian Cereals symbolizes Canada’s gold standard in premium cereals products as well as passionate community behind Canadian Cereals, united through a shared dedication
to responsible progress for those that want better ways to feed the planet and need honest, transparent conversations in a time where what we all do matters. 
Gold in Branding for Social Change
Gold in Food - Other
Silver in Logos
Thanks to the amazing team at Critical Mass:
Chief Creative Officer: Valarie Carlson
Art Director: Joel Harding
Senior Designer: Songyi Park
Associate Director of User Experience: Allison Carlson
Senior Producer: Amanda Duke
Marketing Science Analyst: Audrey Liu
Producer: Carla Velazquez
Marketing Science Lead: Corey Barker
Senior DevOps Engineer: Dev Chauhan
Senior Program Director: Jackie Sheriff

User Experience Designer: Kira Amin
Senior Developer: Kristoffer Balisacan
Project Delivery Intern: Lindsay Eastwood
Executive Vice President, General Manager: Mark Ashbaugh
Associate Director of Market Research: Megan Myers
Developer: Natalie Van Dine
Lead User Experience Designer: Sabrina Alaimo
Senior Vice President, Technology: Scott Ingalls
Vice President, Strategy: Shannon McEvoy-Halston
Social Strategist: Stephanie Colman-Sadd
Quality Assurance Specialist: Viktoria Van-Brunner
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