b r a n d i n g
The branding for Beads + Babes needed to be as unique as the and one-of-a-kind beaded earrings created by artist Tatiana Carrion.
I provided Tatiana with a custom typography logo, a variety of illustrative shapes, and a fun colour palette that matches the aesthetic of her jewelry so she can let her creativity go wild while creating for social media and other collateral.
"Lin is seriously incredible at what she does. She was able to take all of my (very jumbled) ideas and narrow them down into a branding concept that far exceeded my expectations. She talked me through every step, answered my every question, and helped me feel super confident in the direction we were taking with my branding. The end result couldn't have been more perfect. Thank you again Lin - for your support, your creativity, kindness and professionalism!"

T a t i a n a  C ,   f o u n d e r   +   a r t i s t   a t   @ B E A D S . A N D . B A B E S
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