#Unmute is the rally cry for non-profit brand Samara Canada, a non-partisan research and educational charity that aims to connect citizens with politics. 
Like other non-profits Samara Canada’s challenge lies with standing out among all the causes Canadians could support. The goals of boosting political engagement is particularly timely given the often divisive climate here and abroad. Politics is seen as irrelevant and, as a result, Canadian millennials feel unheard are withdrawing from the democratic system.
How can we get millennials interested in politics? By making it a cool experience that is relevant to them. By tracking social conversations we are able to determine key topics that relate to politics. Partnering with companies like Bottlenose, who specialize in indexing and analyzing this type of information into a digestible API, we can map the political landscape of avid social media users. Every relevant term that feeds into the website not only creates a corresponding shape, but also a sound. The more conversation, more shapes and sounds are added, and thus creating the sound of politics in your area. Diving into a topic gives an overview of the day’s statistics, but more importantly connects the viewer to local politicians and advocate groups.
Aggregating this data, we are not asking people to say or do anything different, we are simply providing a visual and audio representation. Millennials use social media every day to express their thoughts and opinions. By focusing our efforts on channels they are already engaged in and capturing their attention with relevant information, we can show how politics is worth their time. With this website we remind Canadians that the more we speak the more effective democracy becomes. We substantiate their voice and empower them to step forward, be engaged, and get involved. You won't be heard if you're on mute!
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