#Unmute is a rally cry to empower young Canadians to get involved and keep talking about politics. We often feel unheard and this propagates a lack of participation. But are young Canadians really tuning out of politics? Using aggregated data from conversations happening on social media, we can find out. Use your voice; every word counts. #Unmute—this is the sound of politics.
Creative insight.
Social media has become a vital part of advertising and communicating an organization’s message. To be creative and think out of the box instigates the opportunity to generate new perspectives and ideas. The creativity in our solution lies in not only utilizing social platforms to inform but to extrapolate its data. The experience of data visualization allows us to present politics in a more captivating and fresh way that resonates with millennials.
Our solution tracks real-time conversations on Twitter and Facebook about topics that matter to young Canadians. Each topic has a list of key buzzwords or hashtags. Transportation for example will have words such as “transit”, “traffic”, or “biking”.  Partnering with companies like Bottlenose, who specialize in indexing and analyzing this type of information into a digestible API, we can map the political landscape of avid social media users. Every relevant term that feeds into the website creates not only a corresponding shape, but a sound that the act of unmuting (and listening) allows. The more conversation, the more shapes and sounds are added and tracked. Diving into a topic gives an overview of the day’s statistics, but more importantly connects the viewer to local politicians and advocate groups.
How does it work?
 To aggregating this data, we are not asking people to say or do anything different, we are simply providing a visual and audio representation. Millennials use social media every day to express their thoughts and opinions, and that’s how we expose their connection to politics. By focusing our efforts on channels they are already engaged in and capturing their attention with relevant information, we can show how politics is worth their time. With this website, we remind Canadians that the more we speak, the more effective democracy becomes. We substantiate their voice and empower them to step forward, be engaged, and get involved. You won’t be heard if you’re on mute.
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